AGNIJASHATADALAMA, PAYPAL, PATREON- next creative leap of Sharmishtha Basu

I have already announced Agnijashatadalama,

my blog which I have decided will now serve dual purpose-

Gallery of my works you can buy through paypal
announcements of all types about my creative endeavours.

Will love it if you check it out and tell me! Give me one month- September and it will be all spruced up before Vijayadashami, after that only the new announcements and other posts will come up and go down!

You will get a clear idea what you can buy from me.

As my friends know, I am unemployed, unmarried living off my generous (too much) brother! So, I keep trying one venue after the other to earn my bread. Agnijashatadalama, Paypal and Patreon are the next leap I could take because finally I got my PAN card- the biggest obstacle in my online attempts of getting paying works.

So you can check out my blogs and if you think you can become my patron and help me into earning my bread and in return getting my works every month as mini books I WILL BE IMMENSELY GRATEFUL. Because my books in kindle are reflecting my zero capacity of marketing- I neither have the talent for marketing myself or money to pay someone else for them. So, honestly, instead of trying too hard in that avenue I will invest my energy in writing, painting and hope that I will get a steady group of patron who like my work enough to buy them!


If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity:

You will be able to buy the Ezines, and my other digital works, some are already up in Patreon, will be there regularly- every month, others are available in Agnijashatadalama, where you can see the samples, directly approach me and I will send you the pdf files after you pay through paypal!

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