Durgapuja begins

mahashashthi 10102013


Shubho Mahashashthi- today is the day when those who go by the holy book in Bengal start worshipping the Goddess, even though most of the pandals thronged all over west Bengal will start puja tomorrow.

I have already shared a rough sketch of Durgapuja of West Bengal, in family homes earlier, so I will just share the URL of that post for curious, you can check it out if you feel intrigued about the entire process.

Here: mycybernovels.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/durgapuja/

The sun is smiling outside right now, seems like a respite from rain but the weatherman is singing doom song as always, saying it is because of the cyclone churning right outside Indian coast, and that cyclone will enter India the day after tomorrow, hope it goes wrong like all their doom songs.

So, till the day after tomorrow let the puja revelers have fun, thronging the pandals and streets.

Have a blessed time.

Much love.



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