Is wordpress crashing?

Forget about the regular harassment with accepting of passwords- it makes me type my password so many times every time I try to log in that I get jittery to try next time… or the terrible amount of time it takes to open any blog, including my own today it crossed all the limits of delight.

I typed a 500 word story in my blog, I should have smelled something missing when it showed the number count before I clicked the publish button, because it always shows 0 against word count. Well, when the post was published it was blank- all the 438 words it counted were imaginary it seems because it returned a blank page to me. Of course you can guess that I did not saved the story in a word page, that is why I am so delighted.

As they are now charging some money in form of advertisements placed on our blogs they can try and improve the performance too!

all the best on that ground.


2 thoughts on “Is wordpress crashing?

  1. I clicked Like because I sympathize with your pain, not because I actually like your predicament. I swear, there is no worse pain (in Internet land) than writing and huge, elaborate and eloquent piece of prose and then have the computer eat it and spit back a blank page. Somewhere, there is a huge repository of lost emails and blog posts.

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