The thursday post critiques 5.12.13


“Butcher’s daughter…. Butcher’s daughter!” the kids clapped their hands and followed her. The adults looked at the gang nonchalantly.

The little girl tried to run as hard as she could but the kids had equally strong pair of legs. Soon they circled around her. One of them picked up a stone and hit her with it.

The adults were busy talking, quite aware of what was happening but cruelly nonchalant. After all, she was a daughter of a murderer. They did not wanted their kids to mingle with her.

“Momma….” a shrill cry pierced the place, it was not that little girl, it was one of those bullying her. He ran to his mother, the one who pelted the stone at the little girl, unable to speak any more, to her stark horror she noticed that his tongue has forked in the middle- like a snake’s tongue.

She screamed shrilly and fainted.


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