The Thursday Post Critiques 12.12.13

“Get out of here!” The cop growled, “Come back in the morning, give me the rest of the money (he meant bribe) and take your taxi back.”

They left because there was nothing else they could do.

Rough hands shook them out of their deep slumber next morning, they were surrounded by cops. They were dragged to a police station and forced to sign some documents.

They came to know about their crimes a month later in a court, by that time they were thrashed mercilessly by a group of cops, threatened with dire consequences if they opened their mouth.

Any way, no one believed them, not even their parents, wives, relatives, friends when they told them again and again that the cops have seized their taxi at ten in the night, because they were too drunk… the girl that was raped and murdered in that car… they knew nothing about her… nothing at all.

Who will trust a pair of drunk men when there was an eye-witness to swear against them?



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