The thursday post critiques 16.1.14


“Guess I was the odd one in the spheres I grew up in.” She carelessly combed her hair with her fingers, a smile, distant from rueful hovered on her lips.

“In a society that marries for every other reason but love, where everyone else has a say about a marriage but the ones to be married I wanted an equal, not an owner or slave, not someone I could buy with money, or who could buy me with money. One who will be my only mate…”

“Too much to ask for I guess, but I am not remotely sad that I lost the petty bargains, I am glad that those lost bargains taught me the priceless lesson, amorous love is true mostly in lovelores, in real life they rarely last, or take birth at all, its mostly illusion of love… not love.”

“But, if you are ready to take the risk at the cost of heart-break, plunge! It will give you some weeks,days, months maybe years of ecstasy.”


10 thoughts on “The thursday post critiques 16.1.14

  1. I like the way you are telling us your heartfelt stories, You have a “good voice”! Love can be a fickle emotion, not always enduring. But it has to be experienced. Perhaps even in an arranged marriage it could happen, but I would prefer to make my own mistake.

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