The Thursday Post Critiques 20.2.14

the hut

He was born in darkness, bred there… she was a creature of light, born in a world full of light and innocence. It was a curse for her that their path crossed, without her knowledge, and he got his eyes fixated on her.

He knew he will never get her, as long as she lives in her world, so the illegal son of a witch and a demon decided he will wrench her away from her world. He unleashed a batallion of specters that defiled, corrupted everything that she had.

Soon she was out on the street, he salivating right behind her, but she just did not gave in. He got bored and moved on, started his life but never FORGAVE her for spurning him, and allowed his specters to exploit her if they can corrupt her.

They could not corrupt her, could not touch her soul, even though they tried every possible measure.

Finally, they thought that they have had their way, even though they could not exploit her, they have ruined so many years of her life there was no longer any chance of her having anything that valued in earthly sense… being creatures of a dark pit, soul, spiritual happiness was a failure to their eyes… so no matter how much peace she had in her heart, or love that was a big nothing for them.

A light blinded them, they covered their eyes in fear… thinking that it was judgment day, finally God has decided… God indeed have.

Blessings showered down on her world, filled it up with every beautiful thing that she ever dreamt of, and more…

thursday stories

6 thoughts on “The Thursday Post Critiques 20.2.14

  1. Sounds a lot like the story of Job, only more compact and to the point; if you persevere through this life in spite of the hardships you face, you never know! God may be testing you. And if He’s pleased with your faithfulness to Him, He will give you more than you ever had before! I liked this post because it’s very uplifting and has an object lesson we all should heed; never let them get the better of you…

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