the difference

lovers 2 10.2.14

He stretched his hand towards hers, she pulled hers back. “Sorry!”

“But you love me….” He said with confidence.

“I loved you…” she answered calmly. “But you never thought I was worthy of having you in my life, I was dull, unsmart, arrogant… ”

“You have changed your colours because you have met him… the foreighner…” he muttered furiously.

“Yes… you can say that…but not colours, only mind… ” she laughed. “After all, who will not prefer a person who will make her feel special, like a queen…” she stood up and smiled.

He turned and his eyes met his. A tall man, approaching their table.

The glow in their faces reduced his heart to ashes. He noted with eyes burning with envy how he actually treated her like a queen…

sign 16.2.14


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