The Simian

He opened his eyes, his head was hurting like hell… masked men and women were bent on him.

“It seems alright Doctor.” one of them said.

“Send it back to sleep…” the one addressed to said.

He felt a surge of drowsiness took over him.

He opened his eyes inside a cage. He was lying flat on its floor, it smelled like hell.

The last thing he remembered was going home from office, sitting by the window of the train, the wind brushing his face, then he flew out of his seat and everything went black.

He remembered listening voices, far away, jumbled, talking about a train accident, about someone in coma…

What was he doing in this cage?

He lifted his hand and grabbed the cage bar, to lift himself up…

whose arm was this… he sprang up and then went back to the floor again howling in pain.

it was not his arm… it was full of huge, coarse hair, brown, like the arm of a chimpanzee …

he lifted his arm and held it in front of his eyes, as close as he could… it was hairy, and full of dandruff, he could see a few insects crawling in and out of it.

he must be dreaming… having a nightmare because of those drugs… he must be still sick, in coma…

he closed his eyes, hoping it will go away when he next opens his eyes.

He fell asleep again, on the cold floor of the cage.

When he opened his eyes again it was light, there were people walking around the cage, wearing aprons.

“How is subject 9 doing?” one of them asked.

“He seems confused…” the other answered.

“Where is doctor?” the first asked.

“In his room..prepare it for checkup and tests.” the second answered before leaving.

The woman came near his cage and sprayed something on his face.

When he regained his sense he was tied to a chair. A man was sitting opposite him. A stetho was hanging from his neck.

“Hello 9” he said.

“Where am I?” he asked.

“In a laboratory…” the doctor answered.

“What have you done to me?” he asked, boiling with rage, he could see that the body in which he was now, was not human. He was not an expert on primates, but it seemed like a Chimpanzee.

“You were dead…” The doctor answered. “We gave you another chance to live…”

“Another chance to live…” he shouted, “are you joking with me?”

“You really dont want everything for free… do you?” the doctor asked back, with exasperation.

“Go to hell!” he muttered.

“Ungrateful wretch!” the doctor mocked.

he pressed a switch, a orderly showed up and wheeled him to a small room, a small prisoner cell like room, with all the facilities of a prison cell.

He was glad that he was not sent back to the cage.

He started to watch their movements, the locking system was perfect. They took them out only once, after physical examination he was sent to training room.



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