The Simian – 2

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He decided he wont rush out to escape, he first had to know how much control he had over his body. To have full strength he needed rest, food and medicines. So he started to act absolutely meek and dumb. Watching the people around him keenly, with heart full of hatred.

They started to test him for his adaptability, he used those tests to understand how adaptable he was. He only tried the tricks he thought were useful for him, for example he made them get him rid of ticks and skin problems that came hand in hand with that big coat of fur, or he made them aware of the splitting headaches that sometimes left him almost dead for hours.

They both were gone within a fortnight.

To his utmost joy they soon started to take him out to the garden, with a leash and taser, and a dog at heel but that was a landmark.

He noticed most of their other experiments either died or were mostly in their cages because of their mutinous nature. They tried every trick to show their tormentors how they were tormented, how they felt!

He believed in fighting a war only if there is any chance of winning it… what is the use of getting tased, starved?

The wall was really high, and the top was covered, to his great disappointment, with net. The laboratory was quite shrewd for sure. They had the primates in mind.

He noticed some primates walking around just like human beings. The more trained were given a machine that spoke for them. In absolute human voice. If that monkey was speaking on a phone, one will think he or she was interacting with a person.

A feeling of great uneasiness became a resident of his heart.

What, he wondered was their plan!

He noticed during his stay in the garden that quite a good number of vans camed in or out of the building, to bring in or out bodies- both dead, man and animals. Men were sometimes alive, in coma, but animals only went out when they were dead.

Those vans meant to keep the things inside hidden, he wondered what they did with the bodies… he noticed that a driver, and a digger with shovels went with each trip, and the driver was armed.

So, if he somehow sneaked his way in with one of the corpses… they will bury him, or try to bury him… will he be able to overpower a man with a shovel, and a man with a gun?

Or will he try for them to take him out for his first test outside?

He has seen the monkeys going out with two mens in company and return a few hours later. He wondered where they went.

There was no scope of asking… anyway, if there was, he would not have, because he did not wanted to be caught trying to escape- it will be a single attempt that will have to be made succesful.

He decided to wait…

The chance came six months later, by that time he was absolutely independent, and far more smarter than the scientists guessed in their wildest guess.

“Let’s take Subject 9 for a outside trip tomorrow…tell the team.” He heard the doctor instruct his assistant.

he could barely sleep that night.

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Whatever you are missing from the story is here:


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