The Thursday Post Critiques 6.3.14


The punishment

“He will never let you live in peace.”

She looked at the face of the young man sitting facing her. Truth was written all over his face.

“He will never get over the truth that a woman has the guts and willingness to refuse his lecherous moves again and again. He will use all his power to keep you in this hell, if you try to break out he will either drag you back or snatch the hand that is reaching out for you.”

“I am his only antidote, because I am his son, and I am too powerful for him, I first acquired my power then only did I reached out to you. But there is only one condition plus request, I know I am younger than you, but, I want you in my life for the rest of it… as my wife.”

“That will settle all your scores against him in one go… and will give me a chance to live with the person I have loved for so many years…”

She looked back in life for a few minutes and then gave her hand to the hand that was waiting for her.


10 thoughts on “The Thursday Post Critiques 6.3.14

      • Yes I was. Each story seems to be contain in itself. Even so one doesn’t know much about the protagonist one gets a feeling for them. Those little pieces, snippets of real life, would be sketches that make the reader think.

      • can I bug you? I will write about twenty such stories, arrange them like a book in a word document and send them to you, before May, will you tell me if they still impress you, i will hope that you will be honest. i dont get hurt easily, nor disappointed.

        you know that is the exact reason why i prefer short stories? smaller the better, they directly approach the reader.

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