the simian – 3


He saw them gathering up the equipments for his trip, a tran gun, and other things to tame his animal body. “Do behave 9, you know people wont try to help you…even if you are killed… you are but an animal.” his trainer said, as they were heading for the town.

They have already given him the machine that translated his keyed in sentences but they removed it before taking him to town, as a precaution most probably. But they did not knew that furry body has its advantages too, he has already stolen one and stitched it inside his fur. The coat of his hair was real long.

The town was familliar, he has been there a couple of years back, for a small job. The car stopped in a small restaurant. It seemed that they regularly come there with their subjects because no one raised a brow when he went and settled down on a chair.

The food was decent, quite nice after the sloppy cooking of the lab.

He gestured that he will have to relieve himself.

One of the trainers took him to the restroom, it took him one minute to tranq him with one of the darts he had already procured and slip out in the darkness through the back alley.

He quickly disappeared in a nearby factory, deserted, he has noticed while coming inside. He knew this place, he has been there for some construction works, but had deserted it because the mill owners were not ready to pay.

he knew there was a small mine shaft, that was cleverly hid from outside. He slipped inside that and waited for his pursuers to give up.

He could wait there for a day or two, because he picked up some food and water on his way to escape.

They really tore the place apart but finally gave up after four days.

He came out of his hiding place at night and utilizing his hairy body’s dark coat disappeared in the nearby wood.

He came out only during night to get food. During days he stayed deep in the forest, in a log cabin he has stumbled upon, dilapidated but sturdy enough to shelter him if it rained.

It was not that tough for a monkey to procure food, he could easily climb the drainpipes to reach houses of people who slept with their balcony doors open.

He brought some for ration too, so there was no shortage.

At first it was food, clothe or other necessary things but soon common sense made him steal money and other articles he could use.

That night he hit the jackpot… when he entered the house he instantly realized that it was drug den, and they were all out. Money was scattered all around the place, he wiped it clean and disappeared in the night. Before leaving he took one of their cars. Without a licence plate.

He drove all night, day and reached a town up in the hills next night. He left the car at a garage and stole a new one from there, a used but sturdy car.

He traveled up in the hills, he had a small house deep in the woods, where he came for summer trips. The rest of the time it was left deserted.

He settled in there and for the first time started to count his booty.


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