Thursday Thoughts 13.3.14


girl by window 1  14.2.14

Different people have different ways of expressing their fondness for a thing, some like to love it the way it is, some prefer changing it to fit their preferences, some like to respect its freedom, others like it under their full control.

Recently I was watching a movie “Free willy”, it was really tormenting to hear that baby whale crying out for its family, it really sounded like it was calling its mother, I dont know if it was special effect but I dont think so, because i have heard some other animals making similar sounds when they are looking for their mothers.

In today’s world, when every knowledge is available in computer graphic, why torment these creatures by snatching them away from their famillies?

In today’s age, in place of forcing these creatures to live in cages and aquariums to please human beings their robot models should/might be used…

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