The Jackal

Brian looked at the man sitting opposite him, he was feeling a deep urge to break his nose, but controlled that urge. The man took his silence as encouragement.

“You see, I have seen that woman for years… there was a time I wanted to marry her, some friends of mine tried to convince her, but it seemed she was not interested in having one person in her life. As you must have noticed from those photographs that she preferred men far younger than her, she had some fun with them, squeezed out some money from them and then moved on.”

“Ah… there must be something in her… ” Brian answered in a sweet tone, looking intently at the face of the man in his sixties, sitting opposite him, with dyed hair, evidently false teeth, and a too strong stamp of moral corruption written all over his face. In his mind’s eyes he could see him drooling all over the woman he was about to marry, and the day after he proposed to her this old jackal showed up out of blue to convince him he was throwing away his life to the feet of a siren.

The man made a face. “if I was you, I wont let her anywhere near me… the girls of your country are far prettier than her… then why?

“Dont know… by the way, if you have the address of any of those young men, can you introduce me to one of them, I will ask them… may be, I will get an explanation from them… why I love her so much and why you cant… after all, you see, you must be more than fifteen years older than her… so may be she is appealing to only young persons…”

“Any way, thanks for the warning but I will take my chances….” He thanked him profusely before walking away.


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