The Simian 5


He returned to his cabin with enough stock for a month, he will have to go to the town for fresh vegetables and fruits but that could be managed…

He brought home enough equipments for starting his own garden, vegetable garden and started working on it.

When he was a human he was workaholic, now confined to this cabin, the only place where he could be himself, without bandage… here for the first couple of weeks he wore a mask and gloves to hide his skin but then realized no one ever will show up, unless he is lost in deep woods for hours, he stopped donning them.

Passing the time after evening was the tough part. There was television, connected through internet but that was too dull, repetitive, so he picked up the latest timepass of lonely hearts, internet.

He collected the photographs of a dozen handsome men of different ages, created a dozen profiles and started to randomly flirt with women of different age groups, starting from teenager to old, lonely women.

It was real fun.

If someone got too attached, or he liked someone quite enough he called them up and talked with them, sometimes for long long time.

He had more than enough money for one man, so getting a few SIM cards was no hassle at all. He distributed his girlfriends evenly on the phones.

The only problem was he sometimes forgot their names or other details. They pouted a bit, called him flirt but he has become expert in flirting, winning them back was not much problem for him at all.

A part of his heart was angry, at life, at everyone else, he knew it was irrational but could not control it, he settled his score with life by breaking hearts. He played with the women like an angler plays with fishes, before pulling them out of water, killing them.

He was becoming addict to it.



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