Thursday Thoughts 27.3.14


thursday thoughts 27.3.14

Antarctica is the most remote continent on earth. It is also the driest, coldest and windiest. Here is something about its unique environment and its wildlife- how they adapt to it (data is collected from a website named

Geography and environment:

The coldest recorded temperature was -89.2 degree centigrade at the Russian base station Vostok in 1983.
Scientists have discovered fossils of dinosaurs and trees in Antarctica, which shows it was once warm and covered in forests and wildlife.

In the middle of summer it is light all day, while in winter there is total darkness.

Antarctica receives so little moisture that it is classified as a cold desert (with all that ice..ha!)

Antarctica is nearly twice as big as Australia, and in the winter its frozen ocean doubles in size.

An ice sheet covers around 98% of Antarctica’s surface. It contains 90% of the world’s ice and 70%…

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