The Simian 7

He instantly started to type, “Where are you?”

Her answer came a few hours later. “Hey! I have been out… sorry… just got back home.”

“Where were you?” he asked.

“with friends…”

“Girl or boy?”

“Girl…come on Raj, you know I dont go out with boys.”

“How will I know?”

“I am off to bed now… I am very tired. Goodnight Raj.” she discontinued the chat but he could see that she was online. Chatting with someone named Anurag. No, she was not chatting in a chatroom, once he befriended a man or woman he instantly hacked into their connections and monitored their online activities.

He did not steal anything from their bank accounts, he had enough money for the time being, but he loved bringing down havoc in their lives.

When he realized that a girl was having a crush on someone, he instantly fished out a few of his best girl ids and started to flirt with that boy, mostly he succeeded in ruining the relationship. He knew that men are more vulnerable to flirting, and women dont take it easily if their men flirt with any other woman while they are wooing them… so… mostly he had the last laugh.

he so loved to ruin relationships.

The rest is here:


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