the fake flower

ROSE  16021402 1 E1

“How come you ended up marrying such an ordinary girl?” Mainak could no longer control his tongue. Its been a decade since they last met. He was in love with the most dazzling girl of the college at that time.

Priya was not only beautiful she spoke the sweetest words.

“Well, if you have the choice, will you listen to a koyel singing or will you listen to its recorded voice?” he asked, “I guess the more accurate example will be will you like to grow a garden of actual flowers or fill up your house with more colourful fake flowers?”

“Elaborate please…”

“Mugdha was Priya’s room-mate, she is the sweetest creature you can ever come across, and Priya knew that too, so she simply mimicked her, hiding her true nature.”

“I met Mugdha accidentally, I went looking for Priya and there she was, at first I thought that she mimicked Priya, Priya being the more popular one, but then I realized… so, when Priya moved on, finding herself a really rich guy I did not regretted for a second.”

“BTW, dont ever call Mugdha an ordinary girl… dont even imagine that she is ordinary.” he patted his friend’s hand.



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