still there for you

rain woman 1.4.14

It was pouring when she came out of the office, and as usual, there were no buses in the road.

She was standing like a fool in the pouring rain. A car stopped, a young man looked out of the window, “You need a lift?”

“No thanks…” she answered. The last thing she wanted was to take lift from a stranger in a deserted road.

“You wont get any bus… there is three feet deep water in the main road…” he said, “I will take the lift if I was you… dont worry I will behave.”

There was something in his voice that made her believe him and she slipped in the back seat, clutching her perfume bottle firmly, inside the purse… in case.

“You dont remember me, do you? he asked after a while.


“You remember that lanky boy, one that waited for you every day in the bus stop when you returned from school?”

“Yes…” she looked hard at his face in the mirror.

“Well… he still stalks you.” he laughed.



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