Love in a foreign land

He opened his window for some breeze, the weather was toxic here, hot and humid. It either rained during monsoon or it stuffed up totally.

The roof of the building opposite was visible from his window, he loved watching Indian life, in stealth, hiding behind the curtain.

Early in the morning an elderly man came upstairs to worship the sun. He loved the way he offered a red hibiscus and water to the sun before starting his day.

Next it was the parade of household helps with washed laundry, they all had their individual clothlines where they hanged the clothes before packing off for the morning, he has seen them working for various houses in the same locality for a pitiable amount.

Finally when the things settled down she came on the roof, alongwith a small boy, he knew she was blind. The boy held her hand and guided her to the small swing.

She played her flute till it was too hot to stay there. Then they went downstairs together.

He wondered, if he went there and proposed to her will her parents murder her or be happy that their daughter found someone who loved her.



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