The Thursday Post Critiques 19.6.14

She stood at the kitchen sink, the terrific heat was roasting her to the bones. A frown formed on her face. Then she heard him, singing merrily, as if he was living in the seventh heaven.

She has never seen him, but have heard him singing merrily, day and night, she could guess that he was severely autistic, he had that special lisp in his voice, and he never sang with words, just the happy singing like a bird on branch, spreadinng his joy if you can feel it.

She smiled and blessed him in her heart.

They truly are special beings.

the thursday post critiques


2 thoughts on “The Thursday Post Critiques 19.6.14

    • our neighbours in burdwan were like that, they were seven sisters, father and one single brother- it was a routine, they used to quarrel at the top of their lungs every single day for hours…

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