The Simian 8




He never deserved this, living inside the body of a monkey. He now remembers his past life, that was not much pleasant either.

He got married when he was young, a village boy, he was supposed to, he left his wife at home to take care of his elderly parents and shifted to Kolkata.

He got bewitched by it, the girls all dressed up like dolls, fast life, soon he stopped going back home, years went by before he realized that they were making a fool of him.

He fell for one, head over heel, a young, beautiful girl who worked a few buildings away from his office. She was everything he wanted his wife to be. She knew how to dress and how to kill men with just a smile. It was true that she did not knew a single thing about running a home, but he was determined to earn enough to appoint a batallion of maids for her.

Then that night… He wanted to surprise her, so he returned from his tour early, the diamond ring in his pocket he slipped into his flat, she has been living together with him for a year now, they have discussed about his divorcing his wife and marrying her after next promotion, to the post of manager.

He stood at the door of his own bedroom, watching her, lying in the arms of another man.

He killed them both and then shot himself.

He woke up in that zoo.

His heart was filled with hatred for every woman, every man. He wanted his revenge, on anyone who was available.

He worked in a computer firm, a world renowned software developer firm for ten years, he aced in his own field and loved spending hours dabbling in other fields.

At that time he loved studying the hacking tools without any intention of using it on others. Sitting in his office he could manipulate the files of others, turn on their web cameras to spy on their personal life.

Now, he was using all those skills as his weapon.

Enjoying every moment. If he fancied someone and he or she was slack, he snooped on them for hours, it was much more fun than television.

A part of his heart yearned for human companionship, directly and this was his perverted way of getting it.


8 thoughts on “The Simian 8

      • In that case, maybe “the story doesn’t want” the usual kind of conclusion. Maybe something more open ended? Or perhaps you step outside… Maybe after a “thought break” you move into the point of view of another character and she [or he] brings the story to conclusion — such as the spirit of the wife he killed.
        Or in stead something terribly ironic brings an unexpected end. The irony would allow the story to come full circle, without as much need for a big conclusion.
        Sorry — i’m just thinking out loud… so to speak. πŸ™‚

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