The Thursday Post Critiques 26.6.14

Their decayed souls burned everytime they felt the presence of some thing good, the more good it was deeper their souls burnt.

They gave their souls up to devil, sometimes were initially tricked, fooled but the remaining path was quite willing, so they cursed and damned every good thing.

They mimicked the good ones, acted like them, not because they wanted to become like them, but to convince others that the actually good people were not good either, “Scratch the skin and we all are rotten…” was what they wanted to convince everyone.

If you could hear these minions you will hear them saying things like this…

“Look at her… strutting around, refusing every provocation of sin for reputation… let’s ruin that reputation and see what happens then.”

“Look at them… communal harmony… huh! Let’s join in, pretending to be friends and then start joking, taunting about one religion and see how they will fall apart!”

“Look at these…. lovers from two different religions… it will be fun… let’s first start working with the parents, the lovebirds wont listen, so let’s start feeding their brain with the vices of each other’s religion. I will grab the tongue of the boy’s mother, you possess the tongue of the girl’s brother…. huh!!”

Don’t underestimate these slithery things, because mostly just like all other slippery things they walk around in the garbs of benevolent creatures, full of love, forgivenenss and twenty other virtues.

Listen to their preachings but dont listen to their spiteful lies without judging every probable intention.

the thursday post critiques


2 thoughts on “The Thursday Post Critiques 26.6.14

    • laugh and suffer… it is strange is not it how office environments are almost same everywhere? what happens to college students after they join jobs? How do they turn into those mutants?

      I really, really did not liked the mindset of majority of people who came across me in work sphere… they sink so low to rise above in monetary scale…

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