Love in myriad hues

“If you really dont want to move the relationship any further then call it a quits…” she said firmly. Even though her heart was bleeding.

He sat there, his head lowered without answering.

She made the mistake of falling love, admitting it … but it has been more than a year and there was no confirmation from him, she decided that she will move on before its too late for her.

“I will be leaving today…for Delhi, I accepted the job there. So, most probably we wont meet again…” she got up. He clasped her hand and pulled her back.

“What?” she asked.

“Come with me if you have some time…” he said.

They reached his home, a lady opened the door.

“Mom this is Aritri.” he introduced them.

“Come inside.” she smiled warmly.

They sat down on the sofa, side by side, his mother went inside to prepare tea.

“Dada…” she turned her head, a teenager was standing at the door, looking at them, swaying to and fro.

“He is my younger brother, two years junior, he is specially challenged you can see that…” he said. “I have seen how most of my friends reacted when I introduced them to him, he is not inferior to us, he is just different, and I dont mind sharing my bread with my brother…. but I cant demand anyone else to share her life with him… because he is a part of my life that I cant and wont let go…”

She reached out and held his hand.



2 thoughts on “Love in myriad hues

  1. A good thing he was honest before it was too late and he lost her because of what he didn’t want to reveal, huh? In less happy stories, family — parents and siblings are a much bigger part of relationships than most are willing to realize amid the warmth of “love’s first blush.”

    • mostly they have a very great role down here in India- often they are the bigger deciding factors than the couple… the problem in this story is not impossible to overcome, a hostile in-law will be a totally different story…

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