The Thursday Post Critiques 11.9.14

“People should live through their own experiences, they should never borrow guidelines, especially survival guidelines from others. Forget about blindly copying them.” the woman said. The younger one sat on the bed.

“It is but natural for younger people to look up at elders, but if a person is betrayed by one after the other old person, older than her parents then she should realize that either she is too guillible or the circle in which she moves feeds on youth and its tendency to trust elders.”

“I will never ask you to blindly obey me, trust me.”

“I will ask you to be wary and walk your own path with confidence. Don’t look for approval of others, unless ofcourse they have walked a mile or two in your shoes and are still confident that you are wrong they are right. Even then listen without prejudice.”

the thursday post critiques


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