The Thursday post critiques 9.10.14

“If I was you, I wont build my home here.” The bird was surprised to hear the tree talk.

“I wont harm you, I just like that little hole.” The little bird said. She thought he was scared that she will create a nuisance.

“You see that house?” he asked.

“Yeah the house in which human beings live!” the bird answered, “I go there to forage foods sometimes.”

“That is one side, you guys forage on their leftovers but building nest near their homes is not much good.” he said. “I wish I could move like you or animals.”

“They chop of my branches whenever they need, and as if that is not enough, when the leaves dry up they set fire on them, not even bothering about the birds or insects that live on my branches.” the tree said.

“Thanks a lot for the warning.” the bird said, “i will visit you whenever I come to their home for food.”

the thursday post critiques


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