The Thursday Post Critiques 23.10.14

She gently landed on the window sill.

The human child was sleeping. Her face was pale as a faded rose that was about to drop its petals. She flew inside the room, she knew the reason but her parents did not.

She has often seen that black shadow silently disappearing in the air. A succubus was feeding on her soul.

Her parents were too modern to believe in fairies and demons but she has seen this girl since the day she was brought here, wrapped in a pink towel, she visited her at night when she woke up and played.

She has requested fairy Godmother for a potion that will save her from the succubus.

She sat down on her cheek and poured the potion down her lips. A soft sound made her turn her head, it was her mother entering the room, to check on her daughter.

Her mother saw a beautiful butterfly sitting on her daughter’s cheek.

She softly captured it and placed it outside the window and closed it.

“Fly away little guy or else a lizard will catch you!” she sat down beside her daughter and felt a change in her pale face, it looked a little more lively.

the thursday post critiques


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