The Thursday Post Critiques 30.10.14

“It was not her youth or charm that made dad walk away from you mom.” her son said blushing red. He was trying hard to control his rage. “You will be quite surprised to know that dad is remarrying and not her! She was just a friend, a friend who you will again be surprised to know respected marital vows more than you do!!”

She did not answered him.

He had every reason to feel ballistic because she has fooled him, his wife and even their teenage sons. Now he will have to suffer the humilliation of being proven a dumb, malicious fool in their eyes for the rest of his life. A man without least sense of judgment who ran after a hummingbird when he heard someone shouting that it has stolen her ear, he not only ran after it he killed it and made his family an accomplice.

Will he ever get the forgiveness?

the thursday post critiques


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