The thursday post critiques 13.11.14

Rima watched like a hawk from background, her husband was desperate to divorce her after twenty years of marriage.

So what she was a witch? I mean not the broom stick riding witch, the one’s that are called so due to their evil, poisonous hearts.

In all these years all she wanted and squeezed out from her husband was money. They were not able to have a baby, so when she became a shopaholic her husband ignored her extravaganza till that became an obsession and their home became a battle ground.

After a few years he started to wander, she did not cared, she did not wanted anything from him but his money but she allowed him too much liberty and he fell in love with a woman.

Now Rima felt threatened and hiding all her faults she played the role of “perfect victim” and kept him to her side for ten more years, waited for his lover to fade away, waiting for him and then divorced him.

the thursday post critiques


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