“Auntie, uncle tea is ready.” The maid showed up at the door. She looked well above her forties but adamantly stuck to twenties.

Mrinal laughed, trying hard to suppress his annoyance, “How can you suffer these old **** pretending to be younger than you?”

“Why will it affect me too much? she asked, laughing a bit, “I was born in a family where people old enough to be my father called me elder sister, to show their respect, the only thing bugs me is these people forget the respect part, their sole motto is to make young people feel old, just because they have lost their youth, so they wont enjoy anyone else as long as they can manage to throw some ice cold water at them.”

Her way of speaking made him laugh, she joined in.

The maid looked at them, trying to gauge the reason behind their laughter then went back to her chores.


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