My upcoming books 4 U


Before 2014 becomes 2015 and on first day of 2015 you will get two more gifts, books by me. Both are result of suggestions of my friends via emails.

One was keen to read poetry, the other one was looking for “cheaper” books by me. So the first one “A bouquet of wild flowers” is a collection of poems, only poems in black and white, no illustrations, I will try to keep it as cheap as possible.

It will be published on 25th December.

The second one, God bless Kindle, I feel thrice blessed, first by MSN, next WordPress and now Amazon. They have given me exactly the platform I want, kindle comic creator, this software allows you to create my type of books, with pictures only and it is so easy to use and their help is priceless, I stumbled twice and asked their customer care executives for help and they spoon-fed me again. They are so so nice!

This one as you have guessed is absolutely illustration based in colour, it will be available only in kindle, and it will be more of a gift than a selling thing, because I will be keeping it really cheap, somewhere close to 5$, for those who have truly tight budget. I don’t think 300 rupee is much for a book, because honestly, I don’t see too many good things available in market for 300, things that will last for a lifetime I mean without losing their quality, no matter how much we use them!

As for those who can’t spend so much money on my books, I have lots of them for free in my blogs, for your eyes only! Relish them! That too is a priceless gift from you to me.

This illustration based book, “Serenade of brush and quill” will be available on 1/1/15 in only kindle.


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