Happy New Year! (The Thursday Post Critiques 1.1.15)

2015 NYG EP

“Where are you going?” Tina asked.

“Celebrate New Year’s day!” Mona smiled mysteriously. She held her hand and started walking towards the nearby cluster of woods.

It was quite a surprise to see a small cluster of trees in the middle of the cluttered town, where if a daring person tried may jump from roof to roof for a mile or more.

Her jaw dropped when she realized Mona was not joking, a group of teenagers were gathered outside the woods, with some saplings in their hands.

“It is our new year resolution!” Mona smiled, “To be a part of our gang you too will have to take the oath.”

“This area was the property of a rich landlord, when he started to sell his plot a group of kids convinced him to gift it to a local club, the club took an oath that they will nurture and protect these woods, and hand them over to their kids.”

“Those kids were our grandparents.”

the thursday post critiques


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