pieces from my books

I have transformed daintypetals.wordpress.com as my Book Showcase, I will be sharing small pieces from my works there, so that those who are curious to know what is inside the jackets can get an idea.
They wont be copy paste from the original stories, that is too boring for a hyperactive person like me, so i will play with them, keeping the inner meaning intact and throw in a picture to spruce up the post. But you will get the idea without getting the exact storyline 😉
so do take a peek in daintypetals.wordpress.com and read the stuffs there.
As for other ways to get in touch with me:
My facebook profile:
but make me happier by joining me in either my personal facebook page
the facebook page i have created for myself or my author friends

As I will be writing mostly in amazon/kindle/createspace and they have given us authors a chance to create our own profile and put our works at one place for readers to rummage through, I have created my own amazon author page.

My amazon.com author page:
My email id, in case you have missed:
A little insight in my heart, my writing process etcetera

Love and hugs.


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