The Thursday Post Critiques 2.4.15

“So you blame her for your son’s death?” the little thing sitting on his bedside table asked.

“Yes!” he babbled, gasping for his breath because its tail was tightening on his throat. the coiling thing went a little slack and the creature demanded an explanation.

“Well, she should have been grateful that my son loved her, what was she? a penniless beggar!” he said, “She refused him that is why he married that witch and she devoured him within one year of marriage!”

“As far as I have in my logbook….” the little thing surfed through the pages of a small book in his hand, “Your wife tried to kill that penniless beggar for hounding your son, which she did not, your son hounded her… you mistreated her to no end when you feigned to test the girl of your son’s choice… that is why your son decided he wont marry her and married the girl of your choice, who tragically was a black widow, and your son died within six months of marriage. How can you blame that girl for your indirect pressures on your son? Actually he truly cared for that girl, that is why he did not married her and invited her into pen of hungry wolves- that is you and your wife, you would have killed her within six months!”

“So the verdict is you are charged with the murder of your son, his beloved and you are coming with me to purgatory…”

He woke up bathed in sweat.

The phone rang, it was his financial adviser, stock market has crashed.

the thursday post critiques


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