170×170 join us


God bless wordpress for their writing101april2015 that woke musie up! Actually there were so many outside temptations that Musie has gone wild ever since shifting here, that is why I joined this writing workshop in wordpress (writing101april2015.wordpress.com), and my sweet darling Musie is up, hungry as ever, so, I have made arrangement to feed her for a little time more from 1st May to 17th October, every day, 170×170 170 days of writing 170 words each day and sharing it with us.

Now 170×170 is the only rigid thing (1st May to 17th October-both days included). Write anything that you want to- snippets of a story that you are writing, poems, articles, your that day’s words worth sharing…

Post the things in your blog, share your post’s link/url here or in magicthought.wordpress.com, wherever you prefer, if you post them elsewhere by mistake I will round them up and share them here, don’t worry! This page will be static, so share the links/urls here so that everyone can access them.


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