The Thursday Post Critiques 11.6.15

“Here!” he handed her the packet of popcorn and sat down beside her.

“Poor woman!” Rina muttered. Ramesh lifted his eyes and followed her gaze. A couple was strolling in the garden path. The man was blind and the woman was a beauty.

“Her parents must be poor.” she said.

Ramesh chuckled, “I know that couple. They both are from well to do families and well educated. Mehul fell for him after listening to his radio program for years, he is a radio jockey, then she mustered up the courage to meet him, then only she discovered that he is blind, well it did not changed her feelings and her love ultimately made him change his decision about not marrying.”

“Here they are! Happy as two persons in love can be, tomorrow is their tenth marriage anniversary! I have been invited, wanna come?”

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