The Thursday Post Critiques 18.6.15

“Don’t lift your veil too much!” Chandu scolded. Piya quickly pulled the veil down to her lips, all she wanted was to see the train.

“How many times have I told you silly girl that city folks are wicked?” he said in a softer tone. “Later, when we go to our seats I will let you sit beside the window, then you can see as much as you want! don’t lift your veil now!” he smiled within, “Silly girl! I have to take care of her every minute!”

After much shoving and pushing he brought her to their seats, and as promised left the window seat to her, even though he too was equally eager to see outside, how things moved when the train moved, new places, hills, trees…

After a while he realized his bride’s lovely face was far more beautiful than hills and rocks, the way her face filled up with cheer and her soft giggles… whenever something charmed her!

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