The Thursday Post Critiques 16.7.15

“I thought you were my friend, maybe with time I might have fallen in love with you.” the pen kept writing, he wished he could run away but there was no such chance he was glued to the chair.

“But you had other ideas, you knew with my endless ideas and your writing skill you will make millions, so you paid bribes to my father, who was desperate for money after retirement, he with your help arranged that accident that crippled me from waist and my wheelchair bound life began.”

“In came the computer… that was remote controlled by you, I kept writing you kept stealing each and every work of mine…. I never even knew.”

“Every time I tried doing something with my writings you made arrangements that nothing happens to those projects.”

“You became millionaire I died after my father died, starving!”

“Now it is my turn, to settle scores, God has granted me a year to clear my dues!”

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2 thoughts on “The Thursday Post Critiques 16.7.15

  1. Such a serious and sad situation in this story. I hope the man is able to hire a lawyer and get his money back. It us too bad that someone cruel took away his health and body in a planned accident. Th writer must find a way but I feel so much for his loss of self and legs. Good writing that moved me.

    • A monster befriended me and poisoned my world, he used to religiously hack into my computer even a year back (when I was living in Kolkata) and steal everything I kept there, not only that he used to steal works from my wordpress blogs, I don’t know if he had been selling them, the ideas but he certainly screwed up my life in every way he could and that poisonous ghoul is capable of doing every evil thing in earth, the sorry thing is he has one feet dangling in grave, he was at least 65 years old when I finally met him (or you can say he showed his real face), do these monsters ever think of judgment day? I guess not!

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