The Thursday Post Critiques 6.8.15

He was passing by the young boy with a small tray of roses, his clothes in tatters and sweet eyes caught his attention, “How much is one?” he asked.

The boy beamed, it was almost night and the day was really bad, “Five rupee each sir, if you buy a dozen I will give you for fifty rupee.”

His heart ached, when he was his age his father doted on him like he was a little king and his father was his slave!

“How many do you have beta (son)?” he asked.

“Five dozens.” The boy said after calculating.

He handed him over three hundred rupee and disappeared in the crowed before he could return him his discount money. He was smiling and humming when he rang the bell, his wife opened the door and on seeing the surprise flowers her face beamed like one of them, or may be surpassed their beauty, that is known by only one man, right?

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