The Thursday Post Critiques 13.8.15

“You never loved her, I was so blind!” Mainak said, “You just wanted to ruin our relationship and then get rid of her, because getting rid of her is as easy as apple pie, like every dignified human being she avoids morons like you.”

“I just hope that God listens to my prayer and delivers you what you deserve, so deserve.” He walked away in darkness.

Rajnath sat there for a while, after confirming that no one else has listened to them he got up and returned home. It was a dirty affair, but his mother manipulated him to do it, to keep the beggar off their threshold, Mainak fell in love with a girl from another community and another social status, they were the richest of the town and that girl was an orphan school teacher.

Being a bashful young man, who respected his mother, brother he asked them to arrange the union.

“She will ruin the family, convince Mainak that you are in love with her and desperately want her to become mother of your kids. I will help.”

Mainak tried for a few years to find someone for his brother but he played the role of fixated lover well, with time Mainak lost hope and interest in his lover, his mother’s constant brain washing worked.

He married a rich girl and his brother got rid of the school teacher within a year, claiming “mother was right.” unfortunate for him Mainak’s daughter got admitted in the same school and they started to bump into each other regularly, he came to know she did not even knew his brother, forget about being interested in becoming his kid’s mother.

He regretted his own bashfulness bitterly. But it was futile now. He loved his wife a lot, she was a good human being.

A year later Rajnath married a girl, half his age and very beautiful from a well to do family, five days later she ran away with her lover and all the money and jewelry she could lay her hands on, including the jewelries of her mother in law and the jewelry they have piled up for Rajnath’s daughter’s upcoming marriage next year.

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