The Thursday Post Critiques 10.9.15


The planet was beautiful. Heavenly in one word. There were plants and open spaces everywhere, they did not look much like earth brothers and sisters but were pretty all the same. The species was humanoid but very primitive, they lived on trees and in caves. Their skin was deep maroon to blend in with the reddish colour of vegetation.

They at first ran away when the small ship crash-landed but slowly the crew befriended them, they were quite good with sign languages, so they became friends soon.

There was another alien species invading their planet, not very good, in dictionary of human beings they could be called evil.

They could teleport, control mind and had a unknown method of surveillance that helped them to conquer best areas of the planet, the actual people were stranded in small islands, in which they were not interested.

Fortunate for the crew that their ship landed in one of them, even then the natives were afraid that they may have been seen and the crew of ‘powerful ones’ may show up to destroy their small haven.

But some time passed and they became assured that the powerful missed the spaceship.


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