The Thursday Post Critiques 17.9.15

“The powerful are bringing more like them here.” Sobo, the chief of the small group of natives told Rajan, he looked worried, very worried. “They may come down here to look for more place!”

“How many are there?” he asked.

“When they came there were very few, a ship like you brought them there, the next ship that came was huge…” he pointed his finger towards a small hill. “It has all sorts of things, animals we have never seen and women of their kind and children. Then the wars started, they killed all of us in the main lands.”

“They build things with hard rock like things….” by his gestures it seemed something like houses, it seemed their invaders too were humanoid and quite human like, greed, intolerance towards other cultures, crushing weak…. screwing up hosts….

Only they were far more powerful than human beings, when he left earth in 2050 then human beings were still quite normal, teleporting or mind control were stories of science fiction.

His curiosity for these aliens were rising.


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