The Thursday Post Critiques 24.9.15

piece 3 [piece 1 and 2 are in previous 2 Thursday posts]

Well, like they say speak of the devil….

The excited natives woke them up early in the morning, “hide your ship! They are coming….”

“Why not fight and scare them off your territory?” he asked.

“We don’t know how to fight, before they came we lived in peace, we never bothered others, even though we live in family groups but we are harmonious creatures, we live and let others live. So we have weapons but only those that kill small preys like mocasas (a small animal that was hunted for meat).”

“We can give you weapons and train you but… they are too many, maybe you can try to loot their weapons after defeating them.”

“Let us see how powerful actually their enemies are.” Tamanna said. “Maybe they are scared because they are too peaceful.”

“That will be a good idea.” Jaya said.

They turned on the camouflage mode of the ship and waited for the dreaded foes of their innocent hosts.


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