The Thursday Post Critiques 1.10.15

What will you do?

Imagine you are a king on throne, the underwritten is a scene from your court, what will you do?

Man: Sir, this woman is my legally wedded wife, it is true but now listen to what she has done! I am a rich man, this woman belonged to a middle-class family, I fell in love with a poor girl, so I asked for her hand. For some reason she refused. This woman’s brother was my employee sire! He introduced me to her and she promised she will help me!

Then this woman with the help of her brother created a web of lies, they convinced me that the woman I love has fallen in love with her brother and wont hear anything about me.

I gave her brother enough dowry to keep my beloved happy. He offered me his sister’s hand, I too was charmed by her beauty and kindness and married her, knowing not I was kissing a serpent!

That scoundrel then convinced me that my beloved has ditched him for another and escaped with the dowry I have given him, which he of course has instantly handed over to her!

Years later my lord I discovered my beloved in hiding, she has been so heckled by the hired goons of this scoundrel that she had to run away, into invisibility!

Now I want to get rid of this serpent and marry her!


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