The Thursday Post Critiques 8.10.15

What will you do?

You are the judge of the below scene- your decision will be?

One- “Sir I loved this woman but she was taking too much time so I asked two to help, after a while he started to show all signs that he was in love with her, and she too was, so I backed off and now I think he lied and ruined my world.”

Two- “Sir I did loved her, so did she, but my family ruined it, my arrogant father insulted her so much that she is now lying to settle scores.”

One- “Sir, if you love someone will you deliberately force her to be around your obnoxious father without knowing that he is your father and let him insult her? Let him treat her like his maid servant?”

Two- “Sir, I thought my father will mend his ways!”

One- “Sir, if you love someone will you just sit and see her being thrashed around? Walking for miles in water-logged streets, to serve your father’s whims? Who of course was taking monsoon break? She might have gotten electrocuted, fallen in some manhole, or died out of poison in the drain waters that deluge the streets? You might have asked one of your staffs to give her a lift to nearby station, even if your daddy dear was playing mean monster, she knew your staffs enough to take a lift…”

Two- “She would not have taken the lift!”

One- “His men never tried!”

Two- “I thought…”

One- “He thought that if he dies accidentally then all problems will be solved, there was no love in this case my lord! I too did not loved her I think, otherwise I would have directly approached her and told her everything!”


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