meghparir gaan song of clouds poem no 7

poem 7 english

poem 7 IMG_0012

Meghparir Gaan song of clouds
By Sharmishtha Basu

This is my second bilingual book, a collection of 40 Bengali poems and their English essence captured in 40 English poems, now, from now on I will be trying this style, that is, no more paperbacks, black and white books, I will create my future books on Kindle comic creator mainly. Only ebooks in full colour and I will keep the price fixed too 1.99$ the minimum of Kindle Select, if I cross 50 poems in a book that is 50+50 then of course I will raise the price! 😉

What do you think of this style?


2 thoughts on “meghparir gaan song of clouds poem no 7

  1. hi meg, I personally think is a good idea. I’ve come to same decision! doing final draft of my book in volume. ebook will be more affordable (in my case I’ve color pictures and bilingual poems). putting the book out in a few days. thought I still have to see if Italian people will like an ebook version only! they are quite traditional and many seem to like paper only… do Bengali people read lots of ebooks? I think the price range you chose is very good. Won’t let me see the sample on iPhone, will look at it later from the computer. the best to you with your book!

    • These days most Bengalis prefer ebooks because they can carry them around, actually both run parallel because Bengalis are quite bookworms, so if you hop in a train you will see both types- reading from ebooks and books! I am preferring the ebook for this type because the price of paperbacks is scary for this type of creation! hair raising scary I mean 🙂

      All the best for your venture!


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