the bridge of her dreams 3

the bridge of her dreams

Sharmishtha Basu is an unemployed artist, writer who is out to test her works, eagerly looking for publishers, publicists, literary agents and huge hearted generous readers, to see if they can help her to build an “unorthodox” career, a path followed by many before, some has been blessed with success, most have not, let us see what you make of her attempts! A failure or success- it all depends on you. These are pieces from her book, the book is available on createspace and amazon- This book is of course a collection of fantasy stories, starting from ghosts, demons, aliens to fairies and mermaids.

The bridge of her dreams

Trick of mind

It was late in the night, somewhere around ten a small group of teenagers were huddled together as they moved forward to visit the toilet.

Well, not much of a problem in cities, but imagine standing in the pitch dark of a small village. Without any electricity!

You came here to have some fun in an old, dilapidated building, that is surrounded by ruins, riverbed, bamboo groves and drying ponds in every direction for at least one or two kilometers.

You four are the only human beings in the house.

The further amusing part is the toilet is five minutes away from the house, surrounded by ruins and huge trees.
So it is absolutely alright to huddle together.

One of them was in the toilet. The remaining three were standing outside, near a well that was a notorious spot, one drowning death and multiple ghost sightings were two that were hovering in her mind at that moment.

An owl screeched, she raised her head to follow its voice. Someone was standing on the second floor of the house exactly opposite to them, the ruins that is!

She nudged and everyone lifted their heads, there was a big problem in anyone’s standing in that spot, they have been to that ruin in the morning and its floors have all caved in, so that person is standing in air!

A shudder ran down their spines, they quickly started to walk toward the house, throwing glances at the figure then at one angle they all gave out a huge sigh of relief.

It was no man! It was the shadow of the cornice, the moon and the cornice almost scared them to death!
She wondered what would have been the case had she been alone there?


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