The Thursday Post Critiques 14.1.16- earplugs

Ever since shifting to Hyderabad and later shifting to this housing I have discovered one thing, how majority of Kolkata people love to create ruckus in horrendous proportion.

In Hyderabad our building was quite near a very busy road and I had to go out for shopping on regular basis, I discovered with quite surprise how little the drivers honked their horns. On the other hand look at Kolkata drivers, these beasts honk their horns at a blasting volume in the middle of the night, and keep honking it till the sound travels too far to be heard.

It is quite a surprise to discover that here, in this housing, which incidentally is in Kolkata one can have moments of absolute silence after nightfall, and during daytime mostly birds break that silence.

I wish people of Kolkata (especially its drivers) learn to respect the hearing capacity of others.

Trying a new thing- article, personal essays for a change, do let me know what you think of them.


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