The Thursday Post Critiques 3.11.16


“Ginnie is scared of a clown!” Mitali rolled her eyes and squealed, standing at the door.

“Stop it Mitu!” Her mother said. “You were scared of…”

“Moooom!” Mitali’s loud protest stopped her from finishing her sentence.

A soft sound woke Gina up, late at night..

screech… screech…

She opened her eyes and looked around, then her eyes fell on the clown, sitting in the corner, her birthday gift. It was swaying from side to side.

She turned on the light. It stopped. Stared at her with those horrid eyes, that too red mouth looked soaked in blood!

She grabbed her pillow towel and covered its face. But that was not enough, she lifted it and tiptoed to her sister’s room, she was lying on the bed, snoring softly.

She placed the clown on her chair and ran back to her room, bolted it from inside and kept the light on.

Mitali was having a fun dream, about her upcoming birthday party. She was opening the biggest gift, it was almost as tall as a child, six or seven years old.

It was the same clown that Gina got on her birthday, only bigger.

She woke up.

The clown was lying by her, on her bed, it winked when their eyes met.


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