The Thursday Post Critiques 10.11.16


He knew it was a bad idea! To follow those drunkards as they went “Ghost hunting” in the “most haunted house” of the small town.

It was a small house, they pried open one of the windows and he was the first one to enter it, suddenly the window slammed close behind him, missing his heel by an inch.

“Let me out!” he banged on the window repeatedly. He could hear their mumblings as they walked away. Will they return he wondered!

He sat down on the thick layer of dust on the floor. Praying that it was not haunted! Not in reality! Suddenly he heard footsteps echoing in another room. He did not hear anyone else entering the house, was someone already in there?

Then it appeared at the door. A grayish disfigured creature. Anyone but a blind will know that it was not living! He felt like fainting.

It reached him in two moves. He could see it choking the life out of him or doing something far more horrible! But instead of that it settled down on the dirt.

It bared its mouth he could see there was no tongue in there. Then it started to write in Telugu, his mother tongue.

Help me! it wrote.

“How?” he asked.

My body is buried in the basement of this house. I have tried to tell that to so many people but they all run away when they see me! It wrote.

“Show me!” he said.

The ghost took him down the stairs and showed him the spot where he was buried, and gave him his name, family address.

Then disappeared.

He heard a ruckus upstairs. His drunk friends were back with night patrolman.

He tried to contact the wife of the ghost but she was dead, died years ago. His son came to claim his father’s body and performed his final rituals.

That night he was sleeping in his bed when something woke him up. A young man in his thirties was standing by his bed.

“Thank you!” he said before vanishing.


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